Nibble Sticks

Unlike humans, rodents need to chew on things regularly to keep their teeth trimmed and healthy.   Apple wood is a Natural, Safe, Environmentally Friendly & Healthy wood to chew: 

Apple Wood Nibble sticks are excellent for Pet: Hamsters, Rabbits, Squirrels, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs & Other Small Rodents. 

  • Widely recommended for healthy teeth
  • Provides endless fun for your pet and helps prevent them from chewing on their cage.
  • Reusable, Durable & Practical. Can be stored indefinitely.
  • High fiber Apple chew sticks are able to accelerate gastrointestinal motility and support digestive health.
  • Dried Cherry Pit Therapy Bags

    Re-Usable Cherry Pit packs are far superior to your average rice or barley heating pads. Naturally grown and dried, Cherry Pits are amazing unique thermal insulators which hold & release the heat longer. In addition, they naturally deter pests, do not rot and have a comforting and fresh cherry scent.

    Tactile, clean, and long-wearing, Cherry Pits release both moist and dry heat / cold.  Heat in the microwave or near the wood stove, chill in the freezer, or use at room temperature for comfort.

    Sewn with a removable machine washable cotton/poly outer layer, these 26” x 6” Cherry Pit bags exceed the size of most other bags.    The eight (8) pocket inner broad cloth pit holder ensures pits stay in place & heat evenly.  Easily folds up for storage or travel.

    Spritz with your favorite essential oil and water then heat for moist heat and aromatherapy.

    Choose your Fabric (while quantities last):

    Vibrant Cherries Exterior / Red Interior

    Chocolate Cherries Black Exterior / Black Interior

    Polka Dot Cherry Exterior / Black Interior

    Cheery Cherry Exterior / Blue Interior

    Mini Cherries Exterior / White Interior

    Cherry Punch Exterior / White Interior

    Chocolate Cherries Cream Exterior / Cream Interior

    Flannel Cherry Hearts Exterior / Pink Interior

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    Cherry Wood Smoker Bits

    For a great tasting barbecue, use our 100% all natural Cherry Smoker Bits.  Perfect for smoking your meats and fish, cherry wood has a sweet, fruity flavor that is delicate and not overpowering.  

    Our Smoker Bits are sustainably harvested, well-seasoned and free of dangerous chemicals.  Wood pieces are up to 1” in width and of various lengths for use in smaller offset smokers, water, ceramic, gas and barrel smokers as well as gas grills and on Charcoal.   To prolong the smoke produced from the smaller pieces, wrap them in punctured foil to allow smoke to escape.

    Net Weight:  1.5 Kg

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    FJW2 – Farmer Joe’s Wonderful Wife’s Jams & Jelly

    Using only are own cherries picked at the peak of perfection, our Jams & Jelly contain only natural ingredients:  Cherries, 100% Pure Cherry Juice, Lemon Juice, Lemon Rind, Pectin and a little Organic Cane Sugar (unless it’s NO Sugar). 

    Our Cherry Jam Variations:

    1. Smooth or Chunky
    2. No Sugar
    3. Cherry Rhubarb – Contains Organic Rhubarb  
    4. Savory Cherry – Contains Cherry Wine, Black / Chilli / Serrano / Cayenne Pepper, Anise Seed & Ginger
    5. Cherry Jelly – Made with our Cherry Juice

    As there are No Additives or Preservatives, once opened, please keep refrigerated to maximize shelf life.   

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    Cherry Wood Charcuterie Boards

    Charcuterie (pronounced :shahr-ku-tuh-ree”) is essentially a collection of techniques that in one way or another seek to limit food spoilage.  Smoked, Cured or Cooked meats are all traditional methods of preservation.  The Board has become a popular backdrop to highlight a carefully curated selection of cured meats often used when entertaining friends and family.  Beyond meat, the board has evolved to display everything from favorite cheeses, breads, fruits & vegetables and specialty dishes to anything else someone can creativity envision.

    Our particular boards come from sturdy and vibrant cherry tree pruning cuts. Nurtured over many years with love and devotion, the wood grows to be unique and beautiful in its own right.  Cut, honed & polished by hand, each board is further developed into distinctive art.

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    Cherry Pits

    They aren’t just for spitting any more!

    Cherry pits can be used for filling a variety of toys and crafts. Avoid the unpleasant smell of bean or rice filled craft projects by using clean, dry cherry pits instead. Cherry pits also possess unique properties that make them ideal for filling hot or cold pads. Cherry pits have three times the heating capacity and heat retention properties of chemicals. Heating pads filled with cherry pits can be warmed in the microwave or kept in the freezer and function as cold packs.

    Washing & Sorting cherry pits is not difficult, but a little time consuming. If you’ve got some time, save yourself some money by ordering the unwashed / unsorted pits.

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    Farmer Joe’s Cherry Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner

    Striving to be as natural as you can get, this Vegan, Toxin-Free alternative to the chemically laden commercial alternatives has superb cleansing & conditioning power for body, hair and scalp.  Made with our 100% pure cherry juice you’ll have problem free skin & gorgeous hair every time. 

    Just Lather & Apply to Body or Scalp – then rinse clean.

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    • Benefits:
      • Environmentally Friendly – Reduce Plastic Packaging & Chemicals
      • Airline Ready Pack these solid bars in your carry-on
      • Great Gift or Stocking Stuffer.

    Farmer Joe’s Cherry Wine Vinegar

    True Cherry Vinegar

    Made by fermenting pure cherry juice into cherry wine and then coaxing that into a cherry vinegar. Real cherry vinegar has a deeper, more fruit-like essence.

    Enjoy the deep fruity essence of this cherry wine vinegar brushed on grilled meats or in salad dressings.   Add a splash into a glass of sparkling water to make a refreshing natural drink.

    No Additives, Preservatives or Artificial Flavours Added. 

    100% Gluten Free

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    Farmer Joe’s Balsamic Cherry Reduction

    Fans of balsamic vinegars, will be pleased to add our variation to a time honored classic. Farmer Joe’s Cherry Balsamic Reduction is a 50/50 mix of CC Orchards 100% Pure Cherry Juice and Balsamic Vinegar from Modena Italy cryogenically reduced by 25%. The rich cherry flavor will excel at flavoring meats, cheeses, fruit and salads. Fantastic as a sauce or reduce further to create a glaze!

    No Sugar, Additives, Preservatives or Artificial Flavours Added. Filtered & 100 % Gluten Free

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