Big Beautiful Cherries

We try and utilize virtually everything the cherry tree has to offer.  From fresh cherries that You or We can pick to Dried Cherries, Preserves, Cherry Juice, Cherry Soap & Shampoo, Vinegars, Wood & Custom Gift Baskets.

Drop by the Farm or Visit us at the Penticton Market.    U-Pick / We-Pick:  Call  us to discuss what is happening and to Reserve  (250) 486-5113

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U-Pickers – Please Note: There are many factors that affect whether we can have a successful U-Pick. Among them are Cherry Quality & Quantity, Rain, Pre-Harvest Interval, Number of Customers, etc.

U-PICK UPDATE: Our U-Pick Season is now Complete. Please drop by to browse all of our other Cherry Products.

(250) 486-5113

Please note that some products are only seasonally available.