We try and utilize virtually everything the cherry tree has to offer.  From fresh cherries that You or We can pick to Dried Cherries, Preserves, Cherry Juice, Cherry Soap & Shampoo, Vinegars, Wood & Custom Gift Baskets.

Please note that some products are only seasonally available.

U-Pick, U-Pic, UPic, You-Pick, YouPick, YouPic

U-Pickers – Please Note: There are many factors that affect whether we can have a successful U-Pick. Among them are Cherry Quality & Quantity, Rain, Pre-Harvest Interval, Number of Customers, etc.

U-PICK UPDATE: Our 2021 U-Pick Season is now Complete.

When we have U-Pic cherries, you can call Farmer Joe to Reserve  a Spot. U-Pic hours are 7am to 11am normally except for Saturdays when we are at the Penticton Farmer’s Market.

Farmer Joe: (250) 486-5113