Fresh Cherries – U-Pic or We-Pic

Big Beautiful Cherries

U-Pick – Bring the family together to share and experience nature.  Training & equipment are provided.  Picking is normally available from 7-11:30 am daily.  Need a special arrangement?  Let us know.  Enjoy a picnic lunch  in the glorious outdoors if you’d like.  A cooler or other container to haul your cherries back would be useful; otherwise, we do have cherry boxes for sale.

Make a U-Pic Reservation by Calling Us at 250-486-5113.

We-Pick  – Let us do the picking for you.  Just give us a little notice and we’ll have your cherries, picked, sorted and boxed for the time you specify.  Call and place your order with Farmer Joe at (250) 486-5113

Orchard Run – During harvest, cherries just picked by our pickers are available for you to purchase directly from their buckets.  As these Cherries are not perfectly sorted, they are less expensive.  Have a look and if you see something you like, we’ll weigh them up for you.  Buy as much or as little as you wish from the buckets you specify.  It’s that easy.  NOTE:  You’ll have to taste them first!   ADDED BONUS:  You can say:  “I Picked These Cherries”.

However you purchase your cherries, we can store them in our Walk-in Cooler for you – ready for pick-up when you’re ready to head home.