Cherry Bark Tincture

Cherry Bark Tincture

A concentrated herbal extract of cherry bark. Plant tinctures have long been used as herbal remedies. Some plants have proven health benefits, while the effects of others are less clear, and may even be harmful to your health.

Traditionally, Cherry Bark has been used to treat painful dry coughs, especially those associated with whopping cough and bronchitis, as well as gout, diarrhea, dysentery, and gastrointestinal complaints, like IBS, due to its potent astringent properties. It was introduced to European settlers through indigenous tribes and quickly became a widespread remedy due to its respiratory, digestive and mildly sedating muscle relaxing qualities.

Recommendation: Take 5-15 drops in a glass of water, juice, or tea.  Do not exceed more than 3 times daily or take for longer than 3-4 days.

Nibble Sticks

Unlike humans, rodents need to chew on things regularly to keep their teeth trimmed and healthy.   Apple wood is a Natural, Safe, Environmentally Friendly & Healthy wood to chew: 

Apple Wood Nibble sticks are excellent for Pet: Hamsters, Rabbits, Squirrels, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs & Other Small Rodents. 

  • Widely recommended for healthy teeth
  • Provides endless fun for your pet and helps prevent them from chewing on their cage.
  • Reusable, Durable & Practical. Can be stored indefinitely.
  • High fiber Apple chew sticks are able to accelerate gastrointestinal motility and support digestive health.
  • Buddy Bones

    Buddy is our Golden Retriever

    Real Cherry Wood Dog Sticks

    Sustainably harvested solid pieces of Cherry Wood soaked in Olive Oil to promote healthy chewing and clean teeth. Olive oil is also beneficial for the immune system and can help freshen breath.

    The advantage of Cherry wood is that it tends not to splinter.

    Great for “destructive” dogs and wood-chewers!

    Available in multiple sizes.

    Find out more about Buddy Bones:

    Check out our pricing on our Products Page

    Cherries We Grow

    We have 7 varieties of cherries on the orchard.  6 of them are available for you.  VANS mature early (mid to late June), followed by STELLAS & LAMBERTS.  Our largest variety are LAPINS.   RAINIERS are available all season long as they are spot-picked.  SWEETHEARTS  end our season (mid to late July).


    Learn More:

    Cherry Varieties & Trivia

    Why Buy our Cherries?

    Fresh & Tasty:
    Our cherries are picked at their optimum maturity and picking / delivery damage is minimized. We Care about the Food we Grow!

    You know exactly where they came from and we participate in a yearly audited On-Farm Food Safety program.

    Supporting Canadian Agriculture:
    Sustainable & Responsible Farming Practices:  We are minimalists when it comes to the use of Pesticides, Herbicides & Fungicides.  We also enjoy the use of Clean BC Lake water for Irrigation with no run-off from farm animals.

    Ethical & Respectful Employment:  Our crew are mostly French Canadian Students, but all are welcome.  We provide fair wages, good facilities and a fun environment.

    What does the CC stand for?

    Many people ask us about the CC in CC Orchards.  Originally, it was just Ciaramella & Ciaramella – aka:  Trish & Joe.

    We have to admit though, that we have received many guesses and suggestions from friends and family over the years.  The list has now grown to include:

    The current list of suggestions:

    • Ciaramella & Ciaramella
    • Ciaramella Cherries
    • Crazy Calgarians
    • Crazy about Cherries
    • Character & Creativity
    • Canadian Cherries
    • Charmed Cherries
    • Cherry Central
    • Colossal Cherries

    If you’ve got some of your own ideas you’d like to share, just drop us a line.

    What To Do with Cherry Trees

    People are often surprised at what we’ve been able to do with our beautiful cherry trees.

    Here is a list of what we’ve come up with thus far:

    • Fresh Cherries (Vans, Stellas, Lambert, Lapins, Rainiers, Sweetheart, Bing)
    • Cherry Juice (100% Pure)
    • Dried Cherries (Red & Golden)
    • Cherry Jams, Preserves, Jellies & Syrup
    • Gourmet Cherry Vanilla Extract 
    • Cherry Bark Bitters
    • Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries, Chocolate Bars (Dark and Almond Cherry)
    • Dried Cherry Stem Tea Infusion
    • Cherry Wood
      • Pizza Oven Wood
      • BBQ Smoker Bits
      • Fire Wood
      • Fire Starters / Craft Creation Bundles
      • Mulch
      • Clay Pottery Ash Flux
      • Carvings & Turnings
      • Charcuterie Boards
    • Pet Products
      • Buddy Bone Dog Chews
      • Pet Shampoo
    • Cherry Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner
    • Cherry Lip Balm
    • Dried Cherry Pits
      • Therapy Bags & Pads
      • Bread Basket Warmers
    • Cherry Topping
    • Cherry Salsa
    • Cherry Oil
    • Cherry VinegarBalsamic Reduction
    • Desserts
      • Cherry Danish
      • Cherry Cheese Cake
      • Cherry Bundle Delights
      • … see all our recipes

    Have some new ideas?  We’d love to hear them.