Everything Cherries

Come and enjoy the Okanagan by visiting us at our Naramata Bench Cherry Orchard.

Whether you’re stopping in to pick up some of our wonderful cherry products,  or want to get your hands dirty picking your own bucket, we not only offer everything a cherry tree can provide, but our little piece of heaven overlooking Okanagan lake is an ideal setting for artists, bookworms, picnics, outdoor photos, weddings & receptions alike.

Learn a little about farming and gain some insight into how the food on your table is actually grown & harvested.  Bring your friends and family and share in the experience.

Cherry Info (How can we help?)

Wild Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitter

A concentrated herbal extract of Wild Cherry Bark, Gentian Root, Cassia Chips, Cardamon, Vanilla Beans and Star Anise.  Become a Champion Mixologist. Add a few drops to sparkling water or your favorite cocktail to enhance complexity, balance & flavour or to contrast smoky or savoury gins, mezcals, and vermouth forward drinks.