Dried Cherry Pits

They aren’t just for spitting any more!

Cherry Pits can be used for filling a variety of toys and crafts. Naturally grown and dried Cherry Pits are amazing & unique thermal insulators which do not rot, naturally deter pests and have a comforting and fresh cherry scent.  Tactile, clean, and long-wearing, cherry pits release both moist and dry heat / cold. 

Avoid the unpleasant smell of Bean or Rice filled craft projects by using clean, dry cherry pits instead. Cherry pits also possess unique properties that make them ideal for filling hot or cold pads. Cherry pits have three times the heating capacity and heat retention properties of chemicals. Heating pads filled with cherry pits can be warmed in the microwave or kept in the freezer and function as cold packs. Spritz with your favorite essential oil and water then heat for moist heat and aromatherapy.

How many Cherry Pits will you need?

  • To give you an idea, our Therapy Bags are 29″ long by 6″ wide. 
  • They are long enough to drape around the neck with each end sitting just over the middle of the chest.
  • Each bag has an external cherry fabric cover that can be removed and washed.
  • The internal fabric bag holds the pits and is subdivided into 8 pockets.
  • Each pocket holds 65 grams. There are 8×65 = 520 grams or 1.15 pounds total (~ 2 cups)
  • Note:  The more pits you put into your bag, the less likely it is to bend.  It’s really a question of how flexible you want the bag to be.  We settled on 65 grams/pocket.

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Washing & Sorting cherry pits is not difficult, but a little time consuming. If you’ve got some time, save yourself some money by ordering the unwashed / unsorted pits.

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