Cherry Pit Bread Warming Basket

Elegant Bread Holder

This elegant bread holder has a cherry pit filled cotton pillow which when heated in the microwave will retain heat and keep your bread nice & warm for you and your guests.

Each basket is reversible and has two clasps on the top so you can close the basket. The removable Inner Pit Holder has a washable cover.

Dried Cherry Pits have been used for centuries to fill heating pads. They are essentially small pieces of hardwood that trap a bubble of air in their core when dried. When heated in the microwave, cherry pits will retain their heat for 20-30 minutes.

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Gourmet Cherry Vanilla Extract

Cherries and Vanilla

Extracted with CCO Cherry Brandy, our Pure Cherry Vanilla Extract has been aged for over 1 year and combines the rich & creamy flavour of Madagascar Vanilla Beans with the aroma of fresh sweet Naramata cherries.  Use to enhance your favorite recipes and baked goods.

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FJW2 – Farmer Joe’s Wonderful Wife’s Jams & Jelly

Using only are own cherries picked at the peak of perfection, our Jams & Jelly contain only natural ingredients:  Cherries, 100% Pure Cherry Juice, Lemon Juice, Lemon Rind, Pectin and a little Organic Cane Sugar (unless it’s NO Sugar). 

Our Cherry Jam Variations:

  1. Smooth or Chunky
  2. No Sugar
  3. Cherry Rhubarb – Contains Organic Rhubarb  
  4. Savory Cherry – Contains Cherry Wine, Black / Chilli / Serrano / Cayenne Pepper, Anise Seed & Ginger
  5. Cherry Jelly – Made with our 100% Pure Cherry Juice

As there are No Additives or Preservatives, once opened, please keep refrigerated to maximize shelf life.   

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100% Pure All Natural Cherry Juice

We think our juice is Great!  Just like wine, where the cherries are grown actually does make a difference.  It’s all about the Terroir.  See if you agree.  100% pure with no additives, sugar, water or preservatives.   Beneficial for Gout, Arthritic Pain / Inflammation and Insomnia.  Remember that if it doesn’t say CC Orchards on the box, it’s not from us.  Don’t be fooled by substitutes.  

Our Cherry Juice Described 

Nutritional Information

Eight Reasons to Drink to your Health

Compare Sweet to Sour Cherry Juice 

Balance the Health Benefits with Cherry Juice Cocktails

Our Okanagan Cherry Juice is available on-Farm, Penticton Farmer’s Market and in Calgary. For information on how to get our juice shipped to you, please email or call us.

Benefits of refreshing & delicious cherry juice: Aids with Sleeping, Arthritis, gout, post-workout recoveries, inflammation, swelling, immunity, metabolism & blocks cancer growth. Balance the benefits with a cocktail.

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Dried Cherry Pit Therapy Bags

Re-Usable Cherry Pit packs are far superior to your average bean, rice, wheat or barley heating pads. Naturally grown and dried, Cherry Pits are amazing unique thermal insulators which hold & release the heat longer. In addition, they naturally deter pests, do not rot and have a comforting and fresh cherry scent.

Tactile, clean, and long-wearing, Cherry Pits release both moist and dry heat / cold.  Heat in the microwave or near the wood stove, chill in the freezer, or use at room temperature for comfort.

Sewn with a removable machine washable cotton/poly outer layer, these 26” x 6” Cherry Pit bags exceed the size of most other bags.    The eight (8) pocket inner broad cloth pit holder ensures pits stay in place & heat evenly.  Easily folds up for storage or travel.

Spritz with your favorite essential oil and water then heat for moist heat and aromatherapy.

Choose your Fabric (while quantities last). Of course, all of them are Cherry:

Vibrant Cherries Exterior / Red Interior

Chocolate Cherries Black Exterior / Black Interior

Polka Dot Cherry Exterior / Black Interior

Cheery Cherry Exterior / Blue Interior

Mini Cherries Exterior / White Interior

Cherry Punch Exterior / White Interior

Chocolate Cherries Cream Exterior / Cream Interior

Flannel Cherry Hearts Exterior / Pink Interior

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Fresh Cherries – U-Pic or We-Pic

Big Beautiful Cherries

U-Pick – Bring the family together to share and experience nature.  Training & equipment are provided.  Picking is normally available from 7-11:30 am daily.  Need a special arrangement?  Let us know.  Enjoy a picnic lunch  in the glorious outdoors if you’d like.  A cooler or other container to haul your cherries back would be useful; otherwise, we do have cherry boxes for sale.

Make a U-Pic Reservation by Calling Us at 250-486-5113.

We-Pick  – Let us do the picking for you.  Just give us a little notice and we’ll have your cherries, picked, sorted and boxed for the time you specify.  Call and place your order with Farmer Joe at (250) 486-5113

Orchard Run – During harvest, cherries just picked by our pickers are available for you to purchase directly from their buckets.  As these Cherries are not perfectly sorted, they are less expensive.  Have a look and if you see something you like, we’ll weigh them up for you.  Buy as much or as little as you wish from the buckets you specify.  It’s that easy.  NOTE:  You’ll have to taste them first!   ADDED BONUS:  You can say:  “I Picked These Cherries”.

However you purchase your cherries, we can store them in our Walk-in Cooler for you – ready for pick-up when you’re ready to head home.